La Tortilla Bendita

“Every year there is at least one attraction that seems to stop people in their tracks. This year, it was the La Tortilla Bendita Selfie. Yep, you guessed it: selfie images portrayed on tortillas,” wrote Forbes contributor Jean Case. The brainchild of Archer Malmo, La Tortilla Bendita (LTB) was a way to connect on-site with Southbyers and bring the agency’s mix of brand thinking and technology to SXSW by showcasing novelty, personalization, social sharing and synergy between online buzz and offline experiences – by printing selfies on tortillas. And it worked. Every day, hundreds of people stopped by the La Tortilla Bendita tent in the SouthBites food truck area to see the selfie tortilla printing process, look at the gallery of printed tortillas and submit their selfie.



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