Patrón Tequila

You are out and you are drinking. What better time to get more info on what you are drinking and how you should drink it. With the new Patrón Tequila website users on mobile phone are served different content based on location, time, and temperature. Nearby events, recipes, and the theme of the site are all dynamically generated based on these variables to give the user a one of a kind experience. The fully responsive site system is completely modular to allow editors to plug and play content across the entire site.

I was the Sr. Art Director on this project and helped formulate the content structure.

Credits: Mandy Smith (Designer), Jessica Grantham (Designer), David Jameson (Designer), Emily Starolis (Copywriter), John Norton (ACD) and Michael Miller (CD). 

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

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