ArtistCedric Guerin

I am the ever-elusive design unicorn in this advertising biz. Outside of coming up with killer ideas, I can direct, design, code, illustrate, and make julienne fries. As a Creative Director, I have been managing and creating cool stuff for big brand clients for 13+ years.

About Me

How Do I Perceive ?

Art that is noticeably “derivative” of another artist’s style and reflects very little of the artist’s personal view of the world is a sign that the artist has yet to discover his or her own voice or has and is afraid to express it.

When I am asked to examine an artist’s work, I look for that personal handprint – the signs that reveal how the artist has found their own voice and has shaped feelings and ideas into unique forms. I always hope to find that extraordinary spark of innovation that always makes my heart beat faster.



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