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The Brief

In early 2012 I was approached by a young entrepenuer named Stephanie Hansen. Stephanie had a great idea but a shoestring budget. She had this plan to sell bracelets and jewelry that would allow people to show their support for specific causes that they felt passionate about. “Be brave” for yourself and the loved ones around you was the message. $10 from each item purchase would be donated to the cause and you could wear a bracelet that wasn’t as tacky as a rubber one. Brilliant. When we started she had nothing and asked me to come up with the branding, website, photography, ecommerce solution and all collateral to launch this exciting new brand. Here is the work…

The Results

Bravelets was a hit. In less than a year, it managed to raise over $250,000 for various charities, gather 64k plus facebook followers, and still growing. Bravelets went from an idea and some scketches to a full fledged business with over 7 employees. One single product grew into 7 products in 21 different colors and available for over 500 causes. Be brave.

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